NYC To Install Real-Time Meters To Monitor Water Consumption

NYC To Install Real-Time Meters To Monitor Water Consumption

A $252 million city-wide upgrade of the city's water tracking system aims to help residents monitor usage.

Elyse Lipman
  • 14 july 2010

A $252 million city-wide upgrade of NYC’s water tracking system aims to monitor the city’s water consumption in real time.  Starting this week, wireless meters will allow Bronx residents to see exactly how much water they are using at any given time.

In a press release Monday, with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and the city’s environmental protection commissioner Caswell F. Holloway IV, the Mayor stated the hope behind the project:

“By providing homeowners and business with real-time access to their water bills, we’re giving New Yorkers access to information they’ve never had before, so they can analyze their water consumption and target savings.”

With the ability to see how much, and in what ways water is being consumed, the hope is that people can then make immediate changes to their behavior to conserve more water and save more money.

Currently, 380,000 of the 834,000 Bronx water customers already have a wireless meter reader installed and will begin using the new service immediately.  The rest of the city’s residents should have readers installed by mid-September, with installations in the remaining boroughs to occur on a rolling basis: Queens starting on July 26th; Brooklyn on August 9th; Manhattan on August 23rd and Staten Island starting on September 7th.  The City projects the whole project will be completed by January 2012.

Visit for the official press release.

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