OFFF Review: OFFFerings Creates A Social Network Of Objects

OFFF Review: OFFFerings Creates A Social Network Of Objects

PSFK talks to Thais Braga Fabris, the creative director of Torke and OFFFering, at OFFF Paris.

Catalina Kulczar-Marin
  • 12 july 2010

The three-day OFFF festival showcases top digital artists, web, print and interactive designers, motion graphics studios, musicians, and more. We had the opportunity to interview Thais Braga Fabris, the creative director of Torke, a Boutique Guerilla Agency in Portugal, and the mastermind behind OFFFerings.  OFFFerings is a project that creates a social network of objects – people can look inside a suitcase and take something from it, only if they give another item back.  By having the object’s prior owner’s information attached to the item, participants can network with people because of the object they met.

Can you tell me about OFFFerings, your project for OFFF this year?

“We are based in Portugal and have worked with OFFF for 3 years – this year, since we had to travel (other years the festival was in Spain or Portugal) – we had to present something that could fit in a suitcase. We realized that OFFF is all about exchange – we come and tell stories and get more information – we never go home with what we came with, so we decide to do OFFFerings – this suitcase.”

With OFFFerings, you can take anything from the suitcase, but you have to give something back [leave something in the suitcase in return]– it’s all about exchanging. When you leave something, you fill out a tag and give some information – we suggest [your name] Facebook or Twitter account so the person who gets your object can find you later and you can contact the person whose object you took.

We want to connect people; create a social network of objects. It’s also being recorded so we are going to do time-lapse videos that we are going to put on the blog. We have FB, twitter and blog to connect people. We created this project especially for OFFF.”

How many objects have been exchanged during OFFF 2010?

“About 200 – because I came with 300 tags and now I have much less. This project is much bigger than I anticipated.”

How are people reacting to this project?

“Everyone who stops here looks for something to leave. Not everybody has something, but people who came days 1 and 2 have come back today on day 3 to leave an object.”

What are some objects that people have left?

“When we first started we had 2 wigs, a vibrator, now we’ve had lipstick, earphones, nail, polish, a Christmas ornament, many stickers, some drawings, a key.”

Thanks Thais!



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