Traverse Me: 1:1 Scale University Map Traced By Foot

Traverse Me: 1:1 Scale University Map Traced By Foot
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Jeremy Wood walks 238 miles to outline a campus map by foot.

Yofred Moik
  • 8 july 2010

Jeremy Wood is the author of this campus map of the University of Warwick.  Commissioned by Mead Gallery, Wood walked around for 17 days and traced 238 miles of pedestrian paths to draw a map of 1:1 scale on foot.  The project, titled Traverse Me, was accomplished through carrying a personal GPS device which logged the route information.  He then took the outline of pedestrian movement and layered it on top of area images to create artwork for the university’s gallery.  These aerial images provide a sketch-like visualization of the surrounding environment.

Wood explains:

Traverse Me is a map drawn by walking across campus with a GPS device to invite the viewer to see a different landscape to that which surrounds them.
It questions the possibilities of where they are and inspires a personal reading of their movements and explorations of the campus.

University of Warwick

[via infosthetics]

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