(Pic) Vintage Kodachrome Slides Become A Nostalgic Curtain

(Pic) Vintage Kodachrome Slides Become A Nostalgic Curtain
Arts & Culture

Creative upcycling of a antiquated media format.

Yofred Moik
  • 19 july 2010

The advent of digital photography has often times resulted in film and tangible prints collecting dust. A creative member on the Craftster forumsLufah, came up with a novel remedy to this issue by stitching together old Kodachrome slides into a colorful door curtain.

The materiality of the curtain and the impressionistic aura of colors produced by the translucent gallery of memories earn its unique classification as nostalgia-inducing home decor.  The author offers a simple DIY explanation on a Craftster thread here.


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