High end cycle clothing label Rapha establishes a popup lounge as a cyclist hangout.

For anyone passionate about bicycling, the month of July is an especially important one. The Tour de France takes place over the course of 20+ days during the month. This year New Yorkers have a new dedicated venue to follow all of the action in the peloton. Opening right before the Tour began, the Rapha Cycle Club NYC is a popup cafe/shop/gallery that caters to both two wheel fanatics and those looking to lounge with a cup of coffee and watch some racing.

We spoke with the Mike Spriggs, manager at the RCC who said the the real intention of the space is to serve as a gathering spot and lounge. He mentioned that there really isn’t a place where cyclists and fans can gather to share their enthusiasm for the sport. The layout of the Rapha Cycle Club really strives to promote this idea. Bike shops haven’t really done a good job embracing the social side of cycling.

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