Rebuilding Haiti With Homes Made From Used Tires And Bottles

Rebuilding Haiti With Homes Made From Used Tires And Bottles
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The Earthship is an eco-friendly structure made from local waste material.

Naresh Kumar
  • 21 july 2010

Michael Reynolds is an architect who specializes in building environmentally-friendly structures in regions that have been ravaged by disasters. He’s currently engaged in Haiti, where he is building an earthship, a structure made from used tires, bottles and other waste material salvaged from the area and packed with dirt. The earthship measures just 120 square feet and is earthquake and hurricane-resistant. It is designed to harness solar and wind energy to generate its own power, and will collect usable rainwater. The earthship will also have flush toilets and a provision for residents to grow their own food.

Most significantly, it was the locals who constructed the earthship under Reynolds’s guidance, and he hopes that this model home will be used as a prototype for many more earthships in Haiti.

Michael Reynolds

[via Wall Street Journal]

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