Fascinating art project that raises questions on whether there is a relationship between sounds and memory.

For his new project Take a Closer Listen, Dutch graphic designer Rutger Zuydervelt asked different people to describe their favorite sounds. The answers, that ranged from a short “rain falling on a tent’s roof” to long, descriptive passages were documented in a booklet, Take a Closer Listen.

Geoff Manaugh of BLDGBLOG posted a few samples from the booklet on his blog and we found this one by Felicity Ford on “the clunk of a cooling paint can” interesting:

I love the sound of paint tins in an outside building responding to shifts in temperature. When they get warm, the air inside the tins expands, and then when they cool down again, the air contracts, pulling the metal lids down with a subtle, percussive clunk. I love how it sounds a little bit like a steel drum—sort of musical and metallic. And I love how the sound always comes as a surprise.

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