Does food affect our behavior? A school in Wisconsin claims it does, in a positive way.

While its a proven fact that our bodies benefit more by eating a healthy, balanced diet instead of junk food, an experiment done in a Wisconsin school takes it to another level. LuAnn Coenen, the principal at a high school in Wisconsin, claims that by changing her school’s menu and replacing junk food like burgers and fries with fruits and vegetables has led to reduced fighting, lack of discipline and weapons-carrying in the school.

Christina Pirello says in her blog:

Vending machines were replaced with water coolers; hamburgers and French fries were taken off the menu and replaced with fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grain breads and a salad bar. With the departure of junk food, she also saw the departure of vandalism, litter and the need for police patrolling her hallways. The students were calm, socially engaged and focused on their schoolwork. Problems were minimal. And all Ms. Coenen did was change the menu.

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