Six Digital Trends To Watch

Six Digital Trends To Watch

Edelman Digital offers six topics brands should be tracking.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 12 july 2010

A recent presentation by Edelman Digital‘s Steve Rubel and David Armano offers a compilation of digital trends that brands should have a perspective on – and planned approach to.

  1. Marketing in the age of streams – (or moving from hub to spokes, as discussed last week)
  2. Customers participate in multiple conversations (not just in a single, central hub – or corporate-sponsored page), which increasingly occur off domain in “streams” flowing from Facebook, Twitter and even apps. You must be highly relevant in their streams if you want to catch them – and be even a part of them.

  3. The Googleization of media
  4. How visible you are to search engines depends on quality content and potent social connections – not just traditional keywords. People ARE the media.

  5. The data decade
  6. Digital is inherently measurable. From that data, we can derive insights into behaviors; in order to fully harness this trend, we must ensure that data is tracked, digested and acted upon by relevant stakeholders across agencies and brands (which was also discussed last week in a discussion on agile advertising and the four feedback loops).

  7. Business becomes social
  8. Business itself is beginning to look more social as organizations start to engage all stakeholders in open and mutually beneficial ways.

  9. Location, location, location
  10. Where you are is becoming the new what are you doing as multiple platforms begin to adopt the new geolocation status update generating new kinds of data.

  11. Private becomes public
  12. Despite privacy concerns, people continue to share – Facebook did not experience a mass exodus, Foursquare continues to expand – and associated behaviors around social sharing will redefine what is considered private.

Six Digital Trends To Watch

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