SnapGoods: Localized Gadget Sharing Built On Trust

SnapGoods: Localized Gadget Sharing Built On Trust

A hyperlocal service that allows you to lend things you don't use to people who will.

Kyana Gordon
  • 27 july 2010

If you’re the type of consumer who likes to test a newly released gadget, but can’t commit to the price tag, SnapGoods is designed specifically with you in mind. SnapGoods is a hyperlocal goods sharing service which relies on trust and uses a model similar to ZipCar. The process is simple: you reserve an item, pay a daily rental fee, put down a deposit via PayPal, and meet with the lender to pick up and return the item at a safe spot designated by SnapGoods. Simple, right? It’s good for you and great for the environment. Instead of throwing things away, make money off them.

Users are verified in a number of ways before they’re entrusted into the lending system. The deposit ensures security if an item gets broken, stolen, or treated carelessly, in which case you as the lender can notify Snapgoods and keep the deposit. However, there is no insurance policy yet and the service is only available in New York City.


+Electronics & Gadgets
+Environmental / Green
+financial services
+new york city
+Nintendo Wii

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