Special Effects For Our Daily Lives

Special Effects For Our Daily Lives

Core 77 explores the possible every day uses of motion capture technology and digitization.

Naresh Kumar
  • 27 july 2010

25 years after Jeff Bridges played the character of Clu, a hacker in the sci-fi movie Tron, comes its sequel Tron: Legacy with Jeff Bridges again playing the same character. So what’s so different? Jeff Bridges’ actions will be digitized into the younger Jeff Bridges from 25 years back on-screen. Fascinating as it sounds, today’s digital technology allows us to play our younger or older versions at any age. While such technology can also be used by Hollywood to digitize and release films with long dead actors playing any movie characters on-screen (with a present day actor enacting the scene in the studio), it may also have consequences in our daily lives.

Core77 explains:

What ramifications might this have for the rest of us outside the film industry? One application I can think of, as the technology trickles down and becomes affordable, is video chat. There’s been some debate as to whether or not people will want to “put their face on” for video chatting, but with self-modeled avatars that are always clean-shaven, or wearing makeup, or dressed nicely, perhaps it will become more palatable.

Core77: “Motion capture, digitization, immortality and video chatting”

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