RFID tags allow for artist Christian Nold to visualize the currency flow of a micro-economy.

Artist Christian Nold has devised a new currency that helps to track the mobility of money. Dubbed the Bijlmer Euro, the money is a specially RFID tagged version of the Euro that offers to visualize currency flows. Focusing on the mobility of money in micro-economies in Holland, Nold entices user participation by offering special discounts within a small selection of stores:

What’s in it for me? Discounts! 1 As a consumer you will receive unique discounts which you would not be able to get otherwise. 2 It offers a great opportunity to explore new local shops and to contribute to the sustainability of the local economy! By using the Bijlmer Euro you are helping local shops which create the social fabric of a place and which are more responsive to the local community than large corporations. Via this project you are keeping money flowing through the Bijlmer rather than disappearing to multi-national chain-stores. 3 Finally you can follow your money online via the visualisation and see the level of social connectedness of the Bijlmer.

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