(Video) In-Flight Brainwave Controlled Gaming

(Video) In-Flight Brainwave Controlled Gaming
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InteraXon introduces brain-wave controlled gaming technology at an aerospace convention.

Yofred Moik
  • 15 july 2010

InteraXon unveiled their latest brainwave controlled gaming system to attendees at On the Wings of Innovation, an international aerospace conference. The airline industry views the technology as an in-flight entertainment device that can help to keep travelers comfortably occupied during lengthy trips. InteraXon has developed four brain-wave controlled games specifically for use at 35,000 feet. Other possibilities for utilizing the technology include a mediation program that help air-borne travelers relax. The thought-controlled technology has been implemented at the 2010 Winter Olympics, which allowed participants to shift the lighting projected on buildings.  It’s also similar in vein to Mattel’s thought-controlled game.

InteraXon explains the science behind their technology:

The system measures the brain’s electrical output and sorts them into waves. The system reacts to alpha waves, associated with relaxation, and beta waves, associated with concentration. As the users relax or focus their thoughts, their brainwaves become the joystick with which users control the game.

The video below shows Steve Wozniak testing the new game:


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