The Bina48 uses a special "character engine" in an attempt at replicating a human personality.

Forget about dating, pets, or even children for life-long friendship.  How about instead creating your own super-intelligent robotic companion: one that looks like you, picks up your mannerisms, and even acquires similar personality traits?  It’s an eerie thought, but at the Terasem Movement Foundation, “friend robots” can make for genuine emotional companions and even preserve eternal life.

Let me introduce you to Bina48, the body-less robot who wants to be your friend.

Physically, the mannequin’s shoulder-base and cheap blonde wig might be more reminiscent of a Furby than a real human.  But her face, made of a skin-like material called “frubber,” complete with a set of 30 motors underneath, allows her to show basic emotions through smiles and frowns. And more importantly, Bina48 has a personality.

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