The Nissan Leaf ad is one of the first launched, with a detailed video explaining how the experience will work on your iPhone.

One of the key differentiating features of Apple’s iOS4 – besides folders and multitasking – is the ability for advertisers to serve up iAds – which we hope are context-dependent. A detailed video is now available of one of the first iAds launched as of today, for the Nissan Leaf (the first mass market electric car). The iAd looks like it could easily be an app; it allows you to customize your car, learn about key features – including comparative miles per dollar- via an engaging, informative interface. The difference is that you don’t download it voluntarily at the app store – a banner may pop up while you’re browsing the news, for instance. Clicking on the banner will then launch the iAd application, without launching your browser.

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