Josh Harris' new project is a real life massive multiplayer game.

Artist and serial entrepreneur Josh Harris, who ventured into Internet TV when it was still in its nascent stage, is back with a new video chat TV project called Wired City, which will have video chat rooms organized into different categories, with a director controlling what is seen in each chat room.

Techcrunch has more details about the project, where ultimately the users, or ChatStars as they would be called, strive to become Internet celebrities:

A video DJ or director controls what is seen in each chat room, and when something interesting is happening in his chat room, he can signal up the chain to get his live video into more popular chat rooms. Some combination of eyeballs and money will determine which videos get promoted. At the very top of the stack is a Hollywood production studio filled with the most popular ChatStars. Harris proposes to “build a sound stage and the sound stage is cast from people at home.” If you do something special that attracts a lot of attention or advertising or both, your live video gets promoted in realtime up the stack, and as you gain points you get a chance to go to the big stage which is promoted on the homepage.

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