Headphones: 10 Exceptional Designs

Headphones: 10 Exceptional Designs
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A selection of interesting and innovative personal listening devices we've collected from around the web.

Yofred Moik
  • 19 august 2010

For just under $300, these German Beyerdynamic DT 880 headphones are a competitively-priced product that makes it a very attractive choice for those looking to upgrade from stock headphones. The velour pads, usually found on higher end Sennheisers and Denon, are pure comfort for audiophile ears.

Beyerdynamic DT 880


Lady Gaga is another celebrity-musician looking to get involved by merchandising her own brand of headphones. This stylish pair, design-checked by Lady Gaga herself, joins Dr. Dre’s Beat series.



The V-Moda’s Crossfade LP took four years of research and design to offer users a nice blend of style and audio technology. A very visible style and affordable at $249, it offers a well-built set of headphones which feature a luxurious aesthetic and a range of frequency response from 5Hz – 30kHz.

Crossfade LP


Audio-Technica Solid Bass Noise-Canceling Headphone’s is unique in the sense that it offers noise-canceling headphones in a compact in-ear bud type of housing. Adding Audio-Technica’s Solid Bass technology for hearing lush bass sounds with their noise-canceling technology creates a powerful combo for a small package.



Danish design firm Kilo Design has recently released the AIAIAI Tracks headphones. The design of the headphones is very similar to the classic Walkman style.

Kilo Design


The Etymotics custom fit model begins with a trip to an audiologist who takes the user through a twenty minute testing process to discover the right fit. Once this is completed, the impressions are sent to ACS Custom Company where the mold is made.

Etymotics Custom Fit


On a more retro note, Rain headphones by Thinksound are wood based and provide the listener with a different type of listening experience. New York Times tech reviewer Rik Fairlie writes that the Rain headphones provides a smooth and calming sound. And for those concerned with the environmental impact of technological products, Thinksound claims that the Rain headphones are more ecologically friendly and come in reusable packaging.


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