A Collaborative Learning Space For The Scientific Community

A Collaborative Learning Space For The Scientific Community

Scitable acts as a social and professional network for scientists, underwritten by corporate sponsors investing in scientific advances and society.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 9 august 2010

We recently learned of Scitable, a collaborative learning space for the scientific community. Scitable is essentially a free science library and personal learning tool developed by Nature Publishing Group, a leading science publisher. Scitable’s peer-reviewed content library and ongoing dialogue are fueled by thousands of users in the scientific community, including researchers, educators, students and of course, scientists. Scitable currently concentrates on genetics, the study of evolution, variation and biology (the complexity of living organisms).

An interesting aspect of Scitable is its corporate sponsorship – in addition to the Nature Publishing Group’s overall stewardship, specific content added to Scitable can be underwritten by sponsors such as Intel, Roche, Tata Consultancy and New England Biolabs. These companies may be underwriting research and development leading to published studies as a form of corporate social responsibility, or to demonstrate their commitment to the advancement of society – and their brand/product’s role in that process.

Scitable offers an example of how the social networking model can be applied to the scientific community, and used to propel collaborative learning. It also offers an example of how relevant brands can subtly support and underwrite collaborative learning – and science – in a way that aligns with the brand’s offering.


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