A couple's passion for cooking and good company sparks a weekly supper club, a food blog and some mouth-watering photographs.

Thursdays at Worth Street is an experiment in community and cooking run by a couple, Tamy and Felipe, out of their Tribeca apartment. Every Thursday night for one year, Tamy and Felipe invite up to 5 other guests to their apartment for a supper club, with dinner cooked by Felipe (an ad industry pro with a passion for the kitchen). They have challenged themselves with cooking a different 3-course meal each week – never repeating dishes, and never repeating the same combination of guests. A different theme is ascribed to each dinner, inspired by at least one of their guests. For instance, a Thursday night dinner involving the theme ‘flowers’ was inspired by Felipe’s visiting sister-in-law after picking up flowers for the apartment. The theme resulted in a three-course meal beginning with goat cheese-stuffed zucchini blossoms, followed by a main dish of shrimp and calamari with coconut creme saffron risotto, finished by rosebud creme brulee.

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