A multi-purpose waterproof bag that also contains important healthcare information printed on the inside.

Baby Bags: Provide New Parents With Multi-Purpose Bag When They Register A Birth

This custom designed waterproof bag will come with some goodies inside (relevant content to match each regions' needs), but the bag serves other more sustainable purposes…it can be used to fill with water from pumps. It can also have measurement information inside for different needs such as rehydration mixtures, dosage information, a number to text for health information and the location of healthcare workers; all this can be printed inside the bag and be there permanently. The straps/handles can also be a tape measure for measuring a baby’s length and for measuring upper arm circumference to check for malnutrition. Seeing as how the bag serves many useful purposes it will be kept and used and as such we can know that the information will stay with the person/family. Think of something akin to the blue bags from IKEA as an example.

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