Procter & Gamble unveils a new, 100% recyclable sugarcane-based packaging

Beauty giant Procter & Gamble recently announced that starting in 2011, their Pantene Pro-V, Cover Girl and International Max Factor product lines will feature a renewable sugarcane-based packaging from Brazilian plastics manufacturer Braskem. This new material will not only come from a renewable resource (sustainably grown Brazilian sugar cane), but it will be 100% recyclable as well. According to PlasticsToday,

“Braskem officials have said the PE (polyethylene) derived from sugarcane has exactly the same characteristics as PE derived from petroleum. On the sustainability front, 1 lb of petroleum-based PE releases 2.5 kg of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, whereas the same amount of sugarcane-based PE captures that same amount of the gas, say those officials.”

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