Some insights from Gatorade and Burberry on how to effectively use the medium.

A recent article in Forbes discusses how an increasing number of advertisers have started using live, online video, via platforms like Ustream, Livestream and, to engage consumers with compelling original content.

For Gatorade, live video has presented an opportunity to bring fans closer to the athletes the brand has relationships with, while simultaneously reinforcing the brand's core marketing messages. For instance, Gatorade used live video sessions of NFL stars using the brand's new ‘G Series‘ line of drinks before, during and after their workouts during this year's Super Bowl. During those video sessions – which also played a role in the brand's TV commercials – fans could submit questions via Twitter and Facebook, which are baked into Ustream's application. These chat conversations with star athletes were then broadcast back to social networks, which in turn alerted fans' friends of the ongoing event – and ultimately facilitated the live video sessions going viral.

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