Cheers To Your Workout

Cheers To Your Workout

A promotional partnership between vodka brand Svedka and David Barton Gym lavishes gym patrons with vodka-based refreshment after their boot camp workout.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 23 august 2010

Swedish vodka brand Svedka has partnered with David Barton Gym to host cocktail hours following boot camp training classes at the gym’s New York, Chicago and Miami locations. The vodka brand will serve cocktails with clementine-flavored vodka, orange juice, sour mix and fresh mint to the gym’s athletically-motivated patrons after they complete an intense sweat session at one of their trainer-led classes.

The promotion is meant to tie into Svedka’s ‘RU Bot Or Not?’ campaign. It may make sense for the brand to build its image and appeal – and carve out a role for the product – within the lifestyle of the physically fit patrons of David Barton Gym – whom theoretically are there to ‘Look Better Naked.’ The largest benefit we can perceive for David Barton Gym is facilitating its slightly tipsy, endorphin-elated patrons to spend more time at the gym. While drinking in moderation can be part of a healthy lifestyle, hopefully the spirit of this promotion will be perceived as just that – and not inadvertently breed  negative PR or sentiments for the gym.


David Barton Gym

[via New York Times Media Decoder]

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