Artist Seiji Ueoka's artwork blurs the relationship between copyright laws and ownership.

The Free Art and Technology Lab are known for advocating open source source modes of production and a commitment to collaboration. So it’s no surprise that when Japanese member Seiji Ueoka was asked to participate in a Free Art Exhibition that he did so by challenging copyright laws that often underpin the very notions of authorship and authenticity used to maintain the mystique around fine art.

Playing with Creative Commons licensing logos, Ueoka made a stamp that was then used to brand 15 Japanese Yen. By using currency, the intervention into authenticity becomes doubly important when we think about what’s at stake when author’s rights are violated. Yet, again, currency is a means of embodying value that is to be distributed, which in the end, brings to question where does the equity lie for the producer in keeping his/her ownership out of the hands of the public?

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