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Parachute Journalists – Jeff Finley (Cleveland, OH) As a band, having a strong tone is important; the Parachute Journalists nail it with these multilayered and vintage style posters. [Project Link]

Ponystep Menswear Report – Richard Kilroy (Liverpool, United Kingdom) With just pencil, this sketch artist has created an expert set of menswear illustrations, withholding and adding detail to highlight the apparel. [Project Link] Predators – Chris Wang (California, United States) Blood-red and sinister, the art director of alien flick “Predators” has created an appropriately frightening (yet navigable) website design. [Project Link] Years & Numbers (Typeplay) – Predrag Milankovic (Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Cleverly taking on design trends from each decade, this “Years & Numbers” set mixes history with typography. [Project Link]

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