Behance is a company that organizes the creative world to make ideas happen. Creative thinkers – the people with the most ideas – often struggle the most with organization and productivity. Behance aims to change that.

2010 Illustrations – Dave Collison (Brisbane, Australia) There's a strong retro vibe to these female-dominated illustrations of vespas, tea parties, and mod fashions. [Project Link] MAK – Mihail Pitertsev (Moscow, Russia) Branding design using geometry to its advantage – unique patterns and shapes are the centerpiece of this identity set. [Project Link] Umbro: Bauhaus Experiments – CrispyCrystal (Karlsruhe, Germany) Deconstructing Umbro's logo, this artist experiments with a whole new kind of design vibe, Bauhaus Style. [Project Link] A world beyond my own – Leong Huang Zi (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) Designs found at the intersection of a child's imagination and a digital art expert's skills – a vision of the machines of the future. [Project Link] Aston font – Fontfabic (Sofia, Bulgaria) Teardrop ornaments characterize this serif typography, Aston Font. [Project Link]

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