Augmented City is a conceptual architecture project that envisions a metropolis awash in augmented reality.

On a daily basis, we deal with viral marketing, pop-up shops, short attention spans, and being one status update from changing our minds. Temporality has come to structure the landscape and processes of the digital age.

In a gesture that brings the features of the online world into the offline one, architect Keiichi Matsuda‘s conceptual Augmented City 3D film uses this idea of digital temporality to imagine a world awash in augmented reality.

BLDG BLOG further describes the project:

The film “focuses on the deprogramming of architecture and the spontaneous creation of customised, aggregated spaces,” Matsuda writes. We see its central protagonist surrounded by pop-up menus and projected touchscreens, able to switch urban backgrounds—graffiti to gardens—in an instant.

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