Several products hitting the market soon offer a greater degree of movement and control for the physically challenged.

There’s good news for people who are physically challenged, as a number of innovative products, enabling them to move more freely, are slated to be commercially available soon. Exoskeleton suits, something we generally only see in sci-fi movies and comics, will finally hit the stores this year with 3 companies racing to make their versions available on the market.

New Disability reports on one of these new exoskeleton suits (seen above):

Rewalk™ from Argo Medical Technologies promises on the company FAQ to be “ready for world-wide commercial deployment by 2010”. The ReWalk™ has CE certification and is scheduled to be released for sale in a rehabilitation- and therapy version by the end of this year. The ReWalk™–I is designed to be used with many patients for their rehabilitation program or therapy sessions. The ReWalk™ ‘home use’ version will be fitted more individually. This version will cost the end-user (or his/her insurance) less.

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