The band and the automaker have partnered to premiere the group's new music video as part of a deal that could change how music is funded in the near future.

British electronica band Faithless have partnered with auto brand Fiat to launch what is being called the first ‘prommercial’ – and what could indicate the future direction of music funding. A three-minute music video for the new single ‘Feelin’ Good‘ will premiere during an advertising break for this Sunday’s ‘Big Brother‘ in the UK. There will be no Fiat logo-ing during the video – only the presence of a blue Punto Evo car, a cameo character in the video’s storyline. Following the premiere, 30-second edited versions of the same video will air as part of a conventional Fiat ad campaign. A special edition of the car, named the Feelin’ Good, will also go on sale.

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