Dan Hon looks at points, badges and what really makes a game in a new essay.

Dan Hon, gaming expert at W+K , and upcoming PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON speaker, has a whole lot of excellent, thought-provoking things to say about games and storytelling in a new piece on the Welcome to Optimism blog:

OK. Number two: Gameification. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. People are giving you points and badges for EVERYTHING.

Thing is, though, it’s more complicated than that. If a mediocre ad is a mediocre ad, then adding a mediocre game to it just means you’ve added a mediocre game. It doesn’t make what we do anything better than a cargo cult that’s slavishly copying what we think works: we need to really understand games, fun and play. Gameification is much more than adding points, badges and prizes.

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