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The news at the end of last week that Mark Hurd, CEO of Hewlett Packard was stepping down after being named in a sexual harassment case by a former lady contractor was no big deal… If I had a dollar for every major corporation CEO caught dipping his pen in the company ink, I’d be a rich man. But then HP made a point of stressing that the sexual harassment charge was not the reason for the dismissal; it was the fact that he had been fiddling his expenses when he took his “lady friend” (who according to The Telegraph was a former porn star) for dinner. It uncovered irregularities in his expenses claims ranging between $1,000 and $20,000 for meals and travel. And, this is a guy who was in the middle of negotiating a new $100 million, three year contract. Now he’ll have to settle for a mere $34 million Golden Parachute. Poor sod!

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