GLIF: Cunning Responds To PSFK Future Of Health Report

GLIF: Cunning Responds To PSFK Future Of Health Report

GLIF is a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) designed to assist community health workers with medical decisions.

Scott Mioduszewski
  • 3 august 2010

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GLIF: Clinical Decision Support System

GLIF is a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) designed to assist community health workers with medical decisions. It would function similarly to the SMS question-answering service ChaCha. By capturing data exhaust, it may also help epidemiologists identify and contain outbreaks in the developing world.

In order to circumvent language barriers and illiteracy, GLIF uses a system of pictorial and numeric communication. Basic information about patient and symptoms (“male / age 3 / yes fever / 72 w / yes nailbed pallor / question treat for malaria / question which medication / question what dosage / question how long”) is converted into hexadecimal sequence by a community health worker using a pictographic key, then automatically decoded on the receiving end. The receiver is presented with the question and a list of suggested responses. Suggestions take into consideration such factors as the location of the sender. A response is chosen, sequenced, sent, and again decoded by the community health worker using the pictographic key.

The pictographic key includes a diagram of a human body, as well as pictograms of the most common symptoms, treatments, units of measurement, and medications. The key is designed to be easily transferable and reproducible. For example, it may be painted in freehand onto a wall of a building and still remain usable.

GLIF is not designed to replace the community health worker at the point of care, but rather to supplement her first hand observation and knowledge with the power of the Internet.

A secondary benefit of GLIF is that time and location-based data collection may be used to indentify and contain disease outbreaks and to better allocate medical resources. See Google Flu for example.

PSFK’s Future of Health Report shines a light on innovation occurring within the health and wellness space around the world. This document brings together both literal and lateral inspiration to provide a framework within which businesses can begin to contemplate the issues facing UNICEF and community health workers. These issues include limited resources, technological constraints, lack of health education, and limited access to timely and relevant health and wellness information.

In an effort to start this exciting conversation, PSFK challenged advertising and design agencies from around the world to react to the Future of Health report. They were tasked with developing concepts in the form of products, services or communications that addressed one or more of the needs set forth by UNICEF. The end result of this initial phase of ideation is more than 40 innovative concepts.

The following ideas are from Cunning Communications. The agency has responded with five ideas; two services and three concepts. The full response is available for download on request here.

PSFK presents the Future Of Health Report for UNICEF

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