Google Alarm Looks To Make Data Mining A More Transparent Experience

Google Alarm Looks To Make Data Mining A More Transparent Experience

Media artist Jamie Dubs questions privacy in the age of shared information with a new plug-in.

Lisa Baldini
  • 12 august 2010

Jamie Dubs, a member of media art collective F.A.T. Lab, recently unleashed Google Alarm, a browser plug-in that alarms you whenever information from a website you browse pings Google servers. Working off the way Google Analytics, Google Ad Sense and YouTube data mine information from users irregardless of being logged into a Google account, the plug-in works to identify these embedded bugs and making the data mining issue more transparent for the user.

CNN talks to the developer in a video interview:

Google Alarm interview on CNN from Jamie Dubs on Vimeo.

Whether you agree with Dubs’s approach or not, it does highlight the issue as to how informed/proactive is the average user about their information. Moreover, as many companies look to understand the trends of Internet behavior, is constant data mining the right approach? That is, is intention trackable mainly by statistical analysis of clumps of data?

Google Alarm

[via: Internet Power User tbX]

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