How Much Do You Spend Getting Around?

How Much Do You Spend Getting Around?

A new website helps users track and visualize their transportation costs.

Michael Brooks
  • 13 august 2010

Want to know how much you spend on getting from one place to another? The Center For Neighborhood Technology has released a new website called Abogo that gives rough estimates of what different neighborhoods spend on transportation. Grist reports below:

The site draws on nine data sets, mostly from the U.S. census, that include density, average commute time, commuters per household, and a transit connectivity index. It also calculates greenhouse-gas emissions from transportation — Kenwood residents average 0.36 metric tons per month, about half the metro average.

By making more data visible Abogo hopes that new homebuyers and renters will factor transport into their buying decisions. Importantly, more fully grasping the cost of transportation gives a more accurate picture of home affordability. With homes on average 30 percent of a family’s income understanding the costs of mobility will shrink the nations “affordable” housing pool.


[via Grist]

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