The NexusOne PhoneSat experiment aims to test the viability of using today's advanced phones as satellites.

Google’s Nexus One phone took off last week, traveling upwards of 28,000 feet while attached to an Intimidator-5 rocket.   The launch was part of the NexusOne PhoneSat experiment, an ongoing project directed by a group of NASA Ames students, some Google employees, and two NASA contractors that aims to challenge the distinction between mobile phones and satellites.

The launch of the Nexus One tested how the phone would react in the high-G environment at an extreme altitude.  Under direction of rocket engineers from Maveicks Civilian Space Foundation, the group strapped the Nexus One to the back of the rocket, sending it high off into the atmosphere above the Nevada desert. Although an earlier flight returned the phone with a shattered screen, a second try had a more solid landing.

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