The FailFaire series brings people together for informal sessions to learn from less than optimal results.

Failure can be a great way to learn.

MobileActive, a “non-profit that uses mobile technology to create social good,” is facilitating a series of failure learning meet ups. The FailFaire series brings people together for casual sessions to review and learn from failures:

a series of presenters give short, informal, story-like presentations – discussing a project, its outcome and the reasons for its failure. Hosted in New York and Washington, D.C. thus far, MobileActive hopes that the idea will expand to other cities and fields.Beyond this ‘offline’ model, one could also envision a wiki or discussion forum that was dedicated to sharing mistakes and failures regarding the use of information and communication technology in government and civic organizations – just as resources dedicated to disseminating best practices and case studies function to disseminate success stories

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