Screens and hand gestures are combined in an unusual physical computing project by Robert Mathy.

We’ve recently written about a gaming concept that utilizes iPhone touchscreens as the landscape for playing. Another project that puts the mobile display screen into dialogue with other interactive technologies is Robert Mathy’s Light Frequency Fingertips; a physical computing interface used to produce music.

We Make Money Not Art explains:

“Light Frequency Fingertips” is composed of four fingercaps, each containing light sensitive phototransistors. The fingercaps (made of bicycle tubes) are especially customized for the thumb and forefinger of both hands, and transform light frequencies into acoustic signals. Light, emitted by the displays of activated mobile phones, functions as the origin of the sounds. As each mobile phone’s display generates a different light frequency, each results in an audio signal with a different pitch. In addition, other electronic devices, such as flashing bicycle lights, can be used to generate rhythmic tones.

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