Mike Bouchet recently tried to make a childhood dream a reality with a unique art installation.

Sweet dream or a diabetic’s nightmare? It’s a common fantasy when we’re younger to some day swim in veritable sea of soft drinks –  however as we grow older we become aware of the reality of what this would mean- sticky limbs, gulps of flat soda, the utter insanity of the idea altogether. However, artist Mike Bouchet (who started making his own cola in 2004) recently tried to make this concept an actuality. On July 4th, in Twentynine Palms, California, the artist filled a swimming pool (oddly at the former home of sugary British 60’s singer Donovan) with 100,000 liters of homemade Diet Cola. As a follow-up, LA gallery The Box, exhibited a selection of his other Cola-based works, including the film Cola Fountain. Check out some of the  fascinating pictures below:

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