(Pics) The Anatomy Of Technology

(Pics) The Anatomy Of Technology
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Mads Peitersen's illustration series envisions a more human version of our machines.

Lisa Baldini
  • 16 august 2010

When the first iPhone entered into the market, there were numerous viral videos of users and hackers keen to expose the inner workings of such a magical object. Often, however, their excitement in these video seems anti-climactic when they expose the circuits, gears and transistors that form the basis for the digital age’s machinery.

Dating back to the Bauhaus era, sleek, minimalist style has had a clever way of hiding its interiority. Moving through German designers like Braun and then further taken up by Apple, these seamless design interfaces often make the interior seem like it houses something far more important than what we could ever imagine.

In a play that looks something like Marshall McLuhanism — or perhaps inverse McLuhanism — artist Mads Peitersen envisions through illustration a different type of inner workings to our near and dear machines: ones that are all too human.

Mads Peitersen

[via: Laughing Squid]

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