A team of designers adopt an unconventional methodology for architectural design.

The Protocol Architechture group uses the imaginative power of fiction to generate new architectural design ideas. Based in New York, the group creates outlandish documents from non-existent worlds and narratives that will eventually form the basis of their practice:

By focusing on the space of the document, we can avoid simplistic predictions of the future while creating a database of potential evidence which can be analyzed and interpreted by a wider audience of designers.

What have they come up with? Their current projects are formed around the possibility of Berlin being the temporary location for an European Union presidency as well Capital of Culture in 2040. Taking this as their reference, the group has come up with several documents including: an observed network of science centers in Berlin, The Rühmann Notebook, a concealed network of buildings in Istanbul, The Nesin Map, and documents for possible military sub-contracts involving biotechnology in Baghdad, The Wilbert Contracts.

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