PSFK SALON CHICAGO With Syfy: Speaker Christina Liedtke Talks About Fashion And Upcycling

PSFK SALON CHICAGO With Syfy: Speaker Christina Liedtke Talks About Fashion And Upcycling

PSFK talks to Christina Liedtke, a couture designer who experiments with repurposing discarded materials to create luxury women's clothing.

Jackie Rangel
  • 12 august 2010

On the morning of August 24th, PSFK will host a special event designed to Fuel Imagination with the support of Syfy. There will be a number of inspirational talks by key creative minds and a panel discussion about trends and ideas in Chicago and beyond.

Get tickets here: PSFK SALON CHICAGO

One of our speakers will be Chicago-based couture designer Christina Liedtke. Christina experiments with repurposing discarded materials to create luxury women’s clothing and will discuss the journey of discovery she has been through. In advance of the talk, we asked her to explain her creative process:

Can you tell me a little about your designs and upcycling?

“Currently, I design custom-made and tailored couture dresses and garments. Each design is an expression of nature and form with artistry and complexity. The intricate detail of each piece is inspired to bring to life the different textiles, shapes, and adornments used.

The upcycling opportunities regard my collaboration with Terracycle and my love for the earth. The M&M wrapper dress designed for Terracycle’s Green-Up Shop was an opportunity to take couture to another level, displaying how we can use trash in an artistic and fashionable form. The dress was designed around Earth Day, with the flower being used as the core design component. The dress has over 1,800 flowers cut out of M&M wrappers.

Based on the PR and interest in this design, I am looking forward to continuing to design with upcycled materials.”

What is inspiring to you creatively right now? What inspires you in fashion?

“The inspiration and philosophy behind my creativity and fashion design is to take a natural state of being and evolve it into another form in an artistic and beautiful way. I have always used nature and its shapes as my consultant to design. Nature has an emotional evolution that we all interact with on a daily basis. The way the leaves fall in the autumn, the way flowers bloom in the spring, how nature changes its course and we change with it. Fashion design to me is about evolution, but evolution of the connection to ourselves.

Additionally, there is also a level of storytelling and imagination that goes into each of my designs. I always start off with a season and a location. Then, my imagination brings me into an interactive and emotional space that begins to evolve into couture dresses and various garments, with the location’s nature as the background.”

Thanks Christina!


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