The Project H founder shares her thoughts on improving the conditions of developing communities through thoughtful design.

As part of the Future of Health report published last week, we interviewed key innovators during our research to illuminate ideas and innovation developing in healthcare.

Emily Pilloton, founder of Project H Design, seeks to improve the conditions of developing communities through thoughtful design. Project H conceptualizes intuitive and low-cost products that address the needs specific to impoverished communities with little access to resources. These include adjustable eyeglasses for wearers who cannot afford prescriptions, a grid-based math playground system for active learning, and the HippoRoller water transport device that circumvents the physical strain of carrying water on one’s head. We wanted to speak to Emily about her design work for communities, so PSFK founder Piers Fawkes recently spoke to her at her new HQ in Bertie County, North Carolina where she is running Studio H, a one-year high school design/build curriculum.

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