Puma Socializes With The After Hours Athlete

Puma Socializes With The After Hours Athlete

The brand outfits athletes of the dedicated - and more social, nocturnal nature.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 18 august 2010

The Puma Social spot for the ‘after hours athlete‘ initially feels like a fun, rather tongue-in-cheek way of celebrating the less…’rigorously athletic’ ambitions – if you will – of those whose preferred form of competition involves more darts, pool sticks, shot glasses, and karaoke stands than timed miles, soccer balls, road bikes or laps. But a further look at Puma Social indicates that the campaign may be less tongue-in-cheek and more of a celebration of the joys of the ‘5am cab over the 5am run’ – and of the sports lifestyle apparel that can outfit you for some of those nights out.

The Puma Social site is still in process of being fully rolled out, but current content includes the after-hours athlete spot/video itself, as well as photos of related Puma designs (including ping pong paddles), photos of the audience at Puma City NY at the Seaport, and more random write-ups about the joys of bacon. The still very limited content can be shared via multiple social networking sites, while you can submit your e-mail to be alerted once the fully-rolled out site is ready to launch.

The overall message seems to be that Puma also wants to dress you with the right attire for your time off the field/track, and provide an ‘in’ to facilitate your more social, casual endeavors. We’ll keep an eye out to see what value the Puma Social site ultimately provides to its audience, beyond what other entertainment brands (like Thrillist, or Urban Daddy, for instance) currently do.

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