The PurpleList now is a Q&A service that allows our readers to provide advice - and get paid for it. We aim to grow the network to about 4,000 carefully over the next couple of months.

PSFK is proud to reveal the third iteration of its PurpleList. We have always strived to help our audience of creative professionals find work and we released the first PurpleList over two years ago as a network of trusted experts.

The platform that we built the last site o didn't work as well as we wanted and we stopped taking on many sign-ups about a year ago. When we thought about the what version 3 should be like, we looked at how the PSFK team was using the PurpleList to help us research stories, for projects and for events and decided to scale the site's functionality back to a simple single-minded service that we ourselves would use. As part of that we killed elements which were being done better elsewhere (mainly the social network elements).

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