Researchers have developed a material that could be useful in biomedical and defense applications.

A research team from Tufts and Boston University have created a Harry Potter-style invisibility cloak from silk coated in gold. The  metamaterial currently works only on long terahertz waves but scientists hope that it could work in the visible range as well, for using it in bio-medicine and defense applications.

Discovery News reports:

To create their silk-based metamaterial, the Tufts and Boston University scientists started with a one-centimeter-square piece of silkworm silk. Onto that tiny piece of dielectric silk they stenciled 10,000 gold resonators. Ordinarily when silk is exposed to terahertz waves they pass straight through it. When the new silk metamaterial was subjected to T-rays the scientists detected a resonance. unlike other metamaterials, silk is biocompatable — the human body won’t reject silk-based implants the way it does with most other materials. The scientists implanted the patterned silk into a muscle and still detected a resonance.

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