Future Of Health: Finding The Right Motivation Is Critical To Change

Future Of Health: Finding The Right Motivation Is Critical To Change

PSFK talks to president & CEO of Switch 2 Health, a company that is promoting healthy and active lifestyles.

Jose Antonio Varas
  • 12 august 2010

As part of the Future of Health report published last week, we interviewed key innovators during our research to illuminate ideas and innovation developing in healthcare.

Seth Tropper is president & CEO of Switch 2 Health, a company that is promoting healthy and active lifestyles through personal motivation. S2H improves Health & Wellness by integrating products based on patent pending technology with a scalable rewards platform to motivate and reward customers and employees for physical activity.

Tell us about Switch2Health and its development.

“My business partner, Amado Batour, and I spent 18 months researching the issues surrounding overweight and obesity, and were horrified by the statistics, especially as they relate to youth. Finding the right motivation is critical to change.

Fast forward 3 years and we are now launching the S2H REPLAY, an “Activity Tracker”, which essentially rewards kids for being physically active (running, playing sports, dancing, etc). This wrist-worn device records and quantifies physical activity and after each 60 minutes it generates a unique reward code, which can be uploaded to S2H.COM to accumulate points. These points can be used towards rewards such as free or discounted movie tickets, video games, books, DVDs, sports equipment, apparel, MP3s and more.

We CARE! we care about the 65% of Americans who are overweight or obese; we care about the 16% of obese children – this is a growing concern.

The mission of Switch2Health (S2H) is to get KIDS ACTIVE… -Be Active, Get Rewards – a great motivational tool.”

We want to understand trends at the intersection of health and technology. What is the role of S2H in this topic?

“Embrace change, don’t resist it… We live in an era of electronic communication, social networking and interactive online communities. However, there must be a balance; and perhaps we could utilize this technology to our advantage. While our society is clearly lacking physical activity, perhaps it is such mainstream technology which will enable us to educate and engage a large number of our youth and quickly.

Keep it simple… With the launch of the S2H REPLAY and S2H.COM; it is simple. The product reveals a unique encrypted reward code after 60 minutes of physical activity (and is also a watch). No need for IR, blue tooth, USB connections, software downloads, browser issues, etc…; rather enter the code onS2H.COM and earn points.”

As I mention in my previous email, we are looking to aid UNICEF and likeminded organizations with new ideas. UNICEF’s work involves remote health workers. How could your project or a similar one be developed to support such work.

“The issue of obesity is one of global concern with more than 2 billion people worldwide are overweight or obese (2005 data). This can be a movement, a movement of promoting physical activity towards a healthier generation.

We have recently partnered with the Boston Celtics Captain Paul Peirce who also shares the same mission – educate and provide the tools necessary for our youth to lead a healthier lifestyle. As an early-stage company, the ability to partner with such a well recognized and well respected athlete is incredible; especially as he was recently named national spokesperson for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a partnership between the American Heart Association and the Clinton Foundation.

We have also partnered with Ethan Zohn, former Survivor Winner and professional soccer player; with others in discussion…

It comes down to personal motivation, how can we motivate individuals to engage in physical activity; and do so affordably and efficiently. S2H takes on the challenge…

While obesity is one serious issue, UNICEF is working to address many such issues; and perhaps it must be thought of – in the perspective of “what motivates people to…””

For more information on S2H visit

PSFK’s Future of Health Report details 15 trends that will impact health and wellness around the world. Simple advances such as off-the-grid energy and the introduction of gaming into healthcare service offerings sit alongside more future-forward developments such as bio-medical printing. The report includes concepts for UNICEF based on the trends provided by the world’s leading advertising and design agencies. It is our hope that this report will inspire your thinking and lead to services, applications and technologies which will allow for more available, quality healthcare.

PSFK presents the Future Of Health Report for UNICEF

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