Shell’s Sugarcane Strategy

Shell’s Sugarcane Strategy

A possible new partnership between the global energy giant and a leading Brazilian sugarcane processer spotlights sustainability

Jackie Rangel
  • 27 august 2010

Shell and Brazilian energy giant Cosan SA recently announced a notable joint venture involving sugarcane-based ethanol and electricity. The country of Brazil has long built its energy platform around the renewable resource of sugarcane.

Flex-fuel vehicles that run on gasoline or ethanol now account for over 90% of Brazil’s automobile sales.  Since 1976, pure gasoline has no longer been sold in Brazil; a mix of anywhere from 10% to 25% of cane-based ethanol must be blended with gasoline before going from the pump to the gas tank.

If approved, this proposed joint venture would involve a total of 4400 service stations and 23 sugar power plants in Brazil, with the hopes of eventually leading to increased ethanol sales abroad.

[via triplepundit]

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