A mobile service that allows parents to register the birth of a child, and rewards them for doing so.

SMS Birth Registration

In many developing nations, newborn babies are in a bit of a blind spot. Difficulties in registering births both for the parents and the government make it hard to keep check of the population.

But with the insight that people have access to mobile phones and networks (Africa, for example), we’ve developed a service that allows the parents to register the birth of a child via their cellphone, and that also rewards them for doing so.

Parents use their phones and simply text: “Family Name” to [phone number] and a birth certificate will be created. This will be delivered along with the first visit of a health care worker, who will also provide a basic baby-kit. When the parents and their baby are in the database, they will receive automated texts with helpful information about parenthood, how much their baby should weigh/eat/sleep, and will also have a link to UNICEF and baby healthcare information.

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