What questions and opportunities will shape the future of the web?

A recent piece in Smashing Magazine takes a big-picture look at the questions currently driving the discussion of what the future evolution of the internet entails, and at some of the innovations that we can expect to see expand in the opportunities and implications they represent to industry and individuals in the not-so-distant future. While the article offers an in-depth analysis into these issues; we’ve culled some of the key subjects below:

Security: The ‘open web’ will allow for innovation, information and expression to run free – but raises security and appropriateness concerns. Potential security solutions may involve social structures of web users who collaborate on solutions to online security issues, or for companies to liaise with international governmental bodies to form an international online security council. The future of the internet may also see the formation of an independent, democratic, grassroots-level organization empowered by digital security experts, designers, and programmers to combat hackers, innovate on security technology, write manifestos for online behavior, and set an example through positive and supportive life online. Freedom: Will the web remain neutral and content equally accessible to all users? And will any proposals for at-a-premium fast lanes into the web be rejected?

The World Into the Web:

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