David Berkowitz explains how, thanks to a range of mobile apps, marketers are able to target all types of users.

In his column in Advertising Age, David Berkowitz of digital marketing agency 360i says that mobile apps are redefining loyalty programs and finally catering to both the hyperactive and hyperpassive users of location-based services. On one hand is the hyperactive consumer who literally ‘checks-in’ everywhere he goes, broadcasting his personal reviews and recieving loads of points, badges and tangible rewards. For such a user, David suggests the SCVNGR app.

SCVNGR is perhaps the perfect app for the truly hyperactive. It’s not just about check-ins and recommendations but completing challenges and treks. Spend enough time doing them in a store or wherever a brand posts them and users will often find monetary prizes in return. The challenges are customized to the marketer and location, created by game designers to make them as engaging as possible so that the user will spend as much time as possible playing them.

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